Our Major Programs Welcome To Islamic Aid Bangladesh Program !

Skilled Immigration

A. IHH Turkey has allocated Budget for 6 Mosque in 6 districts.
B. UKIM allocated Budget for Mosque renovation. All of The projects were implemented.

Bussiness Immigration
Orphan Project

i) Orphanage management ii) Family based orphan support project iii) Orphan sponsorship project

Family Sponsorship

In 2016 BDT 22,29,877 was received under livelihood project from IHH Turkey and UKIM to provide 50 Rickshaw and 35 milky cows.

Study Visa
Drinking Water Program

IHH Turkey, WEFA Germany and UKIM allocated budget for 110 water wells. Out of total 110, 75 was deep tube-well and 35 was shallow tube-wells. All of the projects were implemented.

About Islamic Aid Bangladesh

In 1990 by a historical background, Islamic Aid Bangladesh started its journey. Facing many hindrances, the present Islamic Aid Bangladesh entered into 28th year of journey. With the guidance of the higher authorities, with the careful eye and effective management of the Executive committee, firm determination of the members and the sincerity and co-operation of the staffs and above all with the blessings of Allah Islamic Aid Bangladesh is running forward to achieve the goal facing all obstacles.