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Fakir Firoz Ahmmad
Islamic Aid Bangladesh

It’s an immense pleasure to know that the Islamic Aid Bangladesh is going to publish its Annual Report-2016. As a non-profit and charity organization, IAB is engaged in serving humanity irrespective of color, race, religion and other identities. It is also working towards achieving the government’s development goals in line with the UN-sponsored MDGs and Bangladesh development strategy paper PRSP (I & II).

IAB has been implementing quite a good number of development projects including education, health, water and sanitation, orphan support and orphanage development, emergency relief and rehabilitation and seasonal charity programs including food security and nutrition support for the ultra poor through Ramadan food aid and Eid gift and Qurbani meat distribution, etc.

I hope that all concerned will find the report motivating and informative.

On the eve of this publication, I would like to take to the opportunity to congratulate my colleagues on the General Body and the Executive Committee for their valuable support and guidance that inspired me to work for the organization. I also extend my appreciation to all staff members of Islamic Aid Bangladesh including those who took strides and pains to make this publication possible through their sincerity and professional capacity.

May Allah (SWT) bless us all.

About Islamic Aid Bangladesh

In 1990 by a historical background, Islamic Aid Bangladesh started its journey. Facing many hindrances, the present Islamic Aid Bangladesh entered into 28th year of journey. With the guidance of the higher authorities, with the careful eye and effective management of the Executive committee, firm determination of the members and the sincerity and co-operation of the staffs and above all with the blessings of Allah Islamic Aid Bangladesh is running forward to achieve the goal facing all obstacles.