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Islamic Aid Bangladesh, IAB), Water Wells Project







Installing water wells is one of the significant project of IAB.  Poor community members have to collect impure water from river, pond, canal, local pool of water from a distance of 2-5 kilometers. Women and girls are the first victims of this situation because, they who have to carry water from such distance twice daily. But after implementation of this project, beneficiaries has quick access to safe drinking water

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Islamic Aid Bangladesh Winter Relief Project

Islamic Aid Bangladesh Winter Relief Project

Eid Clothes Distribution Program

Islamic Aid Bangladesh distribute thousand of Eid gift packets among needy people. Most of them are children.

Rickshaws Distribution Project

In 2016, 50 were distributed among 85 labor families.

Brief Report on IHH Delegate

Recently IHH Delegates visited  Bangladesh, the name of delegates are follows;
Hasan Karal, MP
Mustafa Sukru Nazli ,
MP Mahmut Kacar,
MP Mehmet ilker Citil,
MP Serap Yasar, MP
Tulay Kaynarca, MP
Fatih Karadayi
Mustafa Ugur
Huseyin Ceven
Mukadder Tanok Kirbas

About Islamic Aid Bangladesh

In 1990 by a historical background, Islamic Aid Bangladesh started its journey. Facing many hindrances, the present Islamic Aid Bangladesh entered into 28th year of journey. With the guidance of the higher authorities, with the careful eye and effective management of the Executive committee, firm determination of the members and the sincerity and co-operation of the staffs and above all with the blessings of Allah Islamic Aid Bangladesh is running forward to achieve the goal facing all obstacles.